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We know that managing care can be challenging. We want to help.

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We’ve also teamed up with some of the top companies in the industry that offer products and services that could help you in your care needs. These are products and services you’d be purchasing anyways, but by purchasing them through CareTree, you help us continue to offer the service for free to others.


Safe And Secure
Share a CareTree profile with as many users as you would like. CareTree is fully HIPAA compliant and you control who has access to what information.
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Helpful Features

Automatic Messaging
Everyone stays on the same page because CareTree can automatically send text messages and emails to the entire care team when there is an update. No more phone tag or email chains!
Keep all of the appointments in one place so everyone knows what is happening and when.
Keep a single, reconciled list of all the medications. You can even upload pictures of the meds to reduce confusion. If something changes, everyone gets notified automatically!
Patient Portals
Store direct access to the medical record for every doctor and hospital, so you can know what happened at appointments.
Care Team
Invite your entire care team so everyone can stay on the same page. Invite both families and professionals with role-based security, so you control who has access to what.
Documents & Photos
Stop carrying around that growing folder of medical records. Securely store all of the documents so you always have them at your fingertips, whether it's for an emergency or a routine medical question.